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Nguyen Binh Minh’s

Personal Detail
 Full Name:    Nguyen Binh Minh
Date of Birth:    19-8-19xx
Sex:    Male
Marital Status:    Single
Address:     26-1664 Hoang Hoa Tham Street,
Tay Ho district, Ha Noi City
Mobile Phone:     091xxxx
Tel:     (84-4)84xxxxx
Email:     minju@korea.nor

Vietnamese:      Mother tongue
English:     Intermediate for reading, listening, speaking


Phan Dinh Phung

Hobbies and Interests

Learning, sport, entertainment

Practical Experiences

  • 2.5 years of experience in Software development and design, good at team work environment and independent working.
  • 2.5 years of experience in using Network system, developer and design tools
  • 1 year as the team leader
  • Have seven major projects for database, webpage, new technology, enterprise application and using useful developer tools.
  • Especially good at database application with development tools and language like Visual Basic, ASP, Java, Access , SQL, Crystal Report, Oracle database, developer and design...
  • Can write and manage documents. I am a writer for many Magazines: Informatics and Life, PC world Viet Nam, Stage and Movies Magazine.
 1. Hardware and Platforms

  • Personal Computer: 4 years
  • MS-dos: 4 years
  • Windows 98 : 4 years
  • Windows Me: 4 years
  • Windows 2000/NT: 3 years
  • Windows XP Professional: 2 years
  • Linux Redhat 7.1 : 6 months 
2. Programing Languages and tools

  • Borland C : 1 year
  • Visual Basic : 3 years
  • Visual C++ : 6 months
  • Vbscript: 1 year
  • JavaScript : 3 months
  • ASP : 1 year
  • DHTML: 1 year
  • Java : 1.5 years
  • SQL: 3 years
  • CGI-Perl : 3 months
  • Oracle Database, Developer and Design : 1.5 years
  • Notus Notes : 3 months
  • Crystal Report  : 2 years
  • : 3 months
  • : 3 months
3. Database
  • MSAccess: 2 years
  • MS SQL Server 2000 : 2 years
  • Oracle database : 1.5 years
  • MySQL : 1 year
4. Software Packages
  • IBM Webshepre 3.0 : 5 months
  • DreamWare 4 : 2 years
  • Xara Utilities :  2 years
  • Adobe Photoshop : 1 year
  • Photo impact  : 2 years
  • Picture-it: 1 year
  • Macromedia Flash MX/ Swish 2.0 : 1 year
  • MS Office : 3 years
  • Visual Studio 6: 2.5 years
  • Visual Studio dot net : 5 months
  • Oracle Developer, Design : 1.5 years
  • Crystal Report : 2 years
  • Active Dynamic Report 2 : 1 year
  • Component One Enterprise : 2 years
  • PL/SQL developer: 1 year
  • Java Developer : 1 year
  • Apex suite: 1 year
  • Erwin: 1 year
  • RoboHelp suite X5 : 2 years
  • ASP, PHP webs generator: 1 year
  • code generator: 1 year
  • Website Code charge suite generator: 1 year
  • Icon Editor: 1 year
  • Install Shield Developer 8 : 1 year
 5. Methodlogic and Case tools
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML : 6 months
  • Client/Server : 1.5 years

Project Details

Project Name
Manage SuperMarket
Designer, Developer

General Information: -Examination Project for CPISM (Certificate of Proficiency in
                                                      Information Systems Management)
                                       -Team has three people.
Description:                 Its purpose is to manage Supermarket about:
·         export, import goods,
·         Manage customer, manage company of goods,
·         manage using date of goods,
·         manage goods sell fast or slow,
·         Manage account of supermarket, Goods Company, and customer.
·         Manage who is the person manage good,
·         Manage employee in the supermarket,
·         Query database belong selection,
·         User can search data base on criterion very easy and useful
·         Print reports summary,
·         Print receipt for customer...

Project scope:              Requirement analysis, Design, Coding, System test, Deploy
System require           Windows Family, 64 Ram, video card, sound card, 30 MB disk                spare, MS Access.
Technology and tools used:   MS Access, Photoshop, HTML help, MS FrontPage.

Project Name
The Astronomy Encyclopedic
Designer, Developer, Translator

General Information: Examination Project for DISM( Diploma in
                                                      Information Systems Management)
                                       Team has : two people.
Description:                 it is an Encyclopedic useful for who love Astronomy.
·         Introduce about galaxies, planets, and every action happen in cosmos.
·         About the famous Astronomer, important astronomy events
·         About economics astronomy, astronomy tools
·         About the way to begin in astronomy
·         It has astronomy videos, sounds, pictures, game.
·         In addition, especial, it has a great user interface.
·         With high technique about application interface and sound, it is a nice surprise for user.
·         Every thing was design and make very scientifically.
·         Have a database for user play game, print report after play.
·         It was developed with VB language, Office automation, Database; design our own ActiveX controls... 
Project scope :                    Requirement analysis, Design, Coding, System test, Deploy
Interface system :              Windows Family.
Technology used :             Runtime Environment
·         Personal Computer
·         MS Access...
                                           Development Environment
·         Hardware : personal computer
·         Software : Windows Family
·         Tools: VBasic, Access, Crystal Report, Photoshop, Photoimpact, Picture-it...

Project Name
Learn Java Together
Designer, Developer, Translator

General Information : Project for myself Practice
                                      Team has: only I.
Description:                 it is a teaching software about Java programming language.
·         It is a collection of a lot books teaches Java which was translated to Vietnamese language.
·         It has example code, teacher voice to help every body learning easy.
·         It has an excellent User Interface with high graphic design technique.
·         It was developed with VB language, OLE technical, Database, design our own ActiveX controls, ...
·         It has a lot of question for examination. User can easy built another questions or delete them.
·         Examination like a game to play. Every time when users make correct answer, it will give some mark to encourage.
·         User can find questions about a problem very easy.
·         User can get report about study process and examination...
·         When people are stuck, the program will give a help.
·         On the first version, every user likes it so much.
 Project scope :              Requirement analysis, Design, Coding, System test, Deploy
System require :           Windows Family, 64 Ram, video card, sound card, 30 MB disk           
Technology and tools used: VB 6.0, Photoshop, HTML help, MS Access database, MS fontpage, Active Skin, Crystal Report,  Gold Wave for making sound, Xara utilities, Picture-it, Unlead Photoimpact, Screen capture, Install Itshell...

Project Name
Manage Duty
Developer and Design

 General Information: Examination Project for HDSE(Higher Diploma in
                                                                      Software Engineering)
                                       Team has: 5 people.
 Description:                  it’s a software for managing duty.
·         Manage goods, company, country, region, time and rule duty.
·         Manage every rule duty paper.
·         Query database belong to selection very easy like duty, country, region, time, bill, company...
·         It’s a Client/ Server Architect so have Administrator/User accounts.
·         Admin can manage user so easy by group, by roles, by rank...
·         Every user have their own right to do with application
·         Web browser use for easy see the information when some form is pushed to web.
·         Have many reports to give users.
·         User can know very thing changes about duty so easy.
·         It was developed according to Object Oriented methods.
·         User can change language of application between English and Vietnamese so easy.
·         Database of application can distributed or on Server...
·         Have many methods to make user input correct, less mistake...
·         Last of all, this useful application help user free their time on working with duty. Make user feel comfortable.
Project scope:              Requirement analysis, Design, Coding, System test, Deploy
System require:           Windows NT/2000/XP, 128 Ram, video card, sound card, 50 MB disk spare.
Technology and tools used: Oracle Database, Developer, Design 8i, Crystal Reports, HTML help, MS FrontPage.

Project Name
Manage Switchboard call

General Information: NTC-Soft Company develops this where I worked in, used for Switchboard call management. A lot of customer uses it: La Thanh Hotel, Viet Nam train Company, NTC Company....
                                       Team has: 10 people.
 Description:                  it’s a good software for managing Switchboard.
·         It manages extension call.
·         It manage time call, call charge
·         It can get details about call very easy from any kind of Switchboard.
·         It has many useful tools for end user like update, backup, import, export, calculate data.
·         This application can switch between many languages.
·         User can change; manage data very easy through many tools, which have friendly user interface.
·         Have many reports to give users. In addition, user can change title, comments... of it so easy.
·         User can creates dynamic reports depend on their demand.
·         User can choose a lot of condition for getting reports
·         User can know who call, for how long, call number, from and to where, change of it...So a company can knows staffs use telephone for ...
·         Have tools for advance control Database
·         This application can use for a lot kind of Switchboard like Hicom, 1080... 
Project scope:              Design, Coding, System test.
System require           Windows All, 128 Ram, 50 MB disk spare.
Technology and tools used: Access 2000, Crystal Reports, Office Automation technology, COM programing, Visual Basic 6.0, Advance control database, HTML help.

Project Name
Point of Sale
Designer, Developer

General Information: AVE-Soft Company develops this where I working in, used for Goods management. This’s a very good project because it use for all kind of goods, all kind of management, all kind of customer as the way this project is...
                                       Team has: 5 people.
Description:                  Point Of Sale, the name descript it’s purpose.
·         A good security for user management. It’s can track change working time of user, what they do…
·         It manage goods import and export
·         Hierarchical Data for good and easy management
·         Have useful tools to analyses buy and sale goods
·         Manage goods stock so easy
·         A lot kind of store goods, sale goods
·         It can manage customer, supplier and give detail about all of their roles and processes during a time…
·         Manage tax, price and all kind of information need for goods
·         User can creates dynamic reports depend on their demand.
·         User can built their all dynamic query in database for their information purpose
·         Have tools for advance control Database
 Project scope:              Analyst, Design, Coding, System test.
System require           Windows All, 128 Ram, 50 MB disk spare.
Technology and tools used: SQL server 2000, Crystal Reports, Dynamic report, Component One Active X, Office Automation technology, COM programming, Visual Basic 6.0, Advance control database, HTML helps, Install Shield Developer…

Project Name
NSD-IT website
Designer, Developer, Maintainer

 General Information: I want to have my own website to share, to learn, to help every body in IT zone. I want mind-by-mind, knowledge-by-knowledge to alter from impossible things to possible. So NSD-IT was born as the way I want.
                                       Team has: only I.

Description :                 
·         Dynamic content website
·         Auto gets news and display them from another Websites with RSS feed, XML technology.
·         Have a great User Interface
·         User can find a lot of information about IT on NSD-IT website from news, source code for many programming languages, tips, solutions for using software, hardware, hardware price, software download links….
·         User can search on website so easy as well as get 10 best results from Google Search Engine to display them on NSD-IT website
·         User can post their own advertisement
·         Administrator can control website content direct on website.
Project scope:              Analyst, Design, Coding, Maintainer.
System require           Windows All, Internet Browser.
Technology and tools used: Access 2000, Asp, JavaScript, DHTML, VBScript, CSS, Microsoft FrontPage 2003, Photoshop, Unlead Photo Impact, Swish 2.0, Macromedia Flash …

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